Back online at last!

How dependent are we on the internet?  I have been without mine for over a week and have really struggled to do anything useful without it!

I needed to reflect on some of the resources that Dave sent me about the ethics of digital manipulation of photographs, all web links of course and I felt that I really needed to do this before moving on to part 5 or else my post will be out of sequence.

If I couldn’t do that, I wanted to start looking at photographers’ websites for part 5, also hopeless without internet access, and also to start researching potential resources for my own web site; again not possible, so I’ve done a bit of reading over the last week but not much more.

Thankfully I am back up and running again and with some catching up to do, I’d better get started!


About Anne Bryson

I live in Gloucestershire with my husband Iain and West Highland Terrier, Isla. I enjoy golf, photography and my grandchildren, not necessarily in that order! Having completed a 10 week digital photography course with the Open University in 2010 and wanting to take photography further, I enrolled on the Open College of the Arts BA (Hons) starting with 'The Art of Photography' which I thoroughly enjoyed. Next came Digital Photographic Practice followed by People and Place. In April 2016 I progressed to level two with Documentary and in June 2018 enrolled on my latest OCA course, Landscape.
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