Feedback on Assignment 5

So my last assignment has been submitted to my tutor and feedback received.  I enjoyed working on this assignment because I was able to choose a topic which interested me and this was probably reflected in the feedback I received which I felt was the best of all of the units in this course.

One of the things that I tried to do was consciously think about each of the parts of DPP, what I had learnt from that unit and try to reflect my learning in my assignment. I think for that reason, some of my discussion in the notes that went with the assignment came across as negative and lacking in confidence and my tutor picked up on this and suggested a rewrite which I have done.

Scabious with filter

Scabious with filter

I also felt that I needed to demonstrate my ability to use digital manipulation within my work even though this has not been my favourite area, and although as discussed in my last post, some of the results were odd to say the least, I  did include two images where I felt the effects were subtle enough to be acceptable.  Again though, Dave picked up on this so these images have been replaced with the original without the filter.

Greenbottle on Rose

Greenbottle on Rose





The only other point raised in my feedback was a question about whether one image really fitted with the rest as it was the only one to include an insect.  I did wonder about this when I included it within the final 12 but liked the picture so left it in, that has now been replaced too.

In terms of assessment, my tutor has suggested that I submit my work as prints using a heavy matt paper such as Hahnemühle Photo Rag  308 for this assignment.  it is now on order.


About Anne Bryson

I live in Gloucestershire with my husband Iain and West Highland Terrier, Isla. I enjoy golf, photography and my grandchildren, not necessarily in that order! Having completed a 10 week digital photography course with the Open University in 2010 and wanting to take photography further, I enrolled on the Open College of the Arts BA (Hons) starting with 'The Art of Photography' which I thoroughly enjoyed. Next came Digital Photographic Practice followed by People and Place. In April 2016 I progressed to level two with Documentary and in June 2018 enrolled on my latest OCA course, Landscape.
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