About Anne

My interest in photography goes back to my early 20s when I had an ‘Olympus Trip’ camera, which in those days was mainly used to take photographs of my young children.  In the mid 90s, I bought my first SLR, a second-hand Minolta x300  and in 2005 my first digital SLR, a Nikon D50.  Family and work commitments meant that photography was confined pretty much to days out and holidays until a recent illness left me with time on my hands as I had to give up work for a while.  One of the silver linings however, was that I rediscovered many of my old hobbies, photography included and since then it has almost become an obsession.  My current camera is a Nikon D7000.

Although a Scot through and through, I live in Gloucestershire with my husband and gorgeous Westie, Isla and apart from photography, my main interests are my grandchildren and golf.

Digital Photographic Practice is the second level 1 photography course I have undertaken with the Open College of the Arts, the first being The Art of Photography.


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